One month in …

It’s been one month since I moved into the C3/lowsec static wormhole so I thought now would be a good time for an update. 

After putting up the Athanor 5 November, I quickly went to work clearing out all the sites that had accumulated over time. There were about 29 sleeper sites to clear out. Dual boxing rattlesnakes I was able to clear a site in about six minutes. Here is my rattlesnake fit:

C3 Rattlesnake

I quickly fell into a routine of: securing the C3 WH, warping in on a site, aligning out with my primary, approaching the primary with my alt, launching Geckos, locking targets and engaging, and then deploying the mobile tracker array and bookmarking same.  Since I was running the sites solo, I didn’t want to have a bunch of wrecks accumulating in the solar system so after killing the sleepers I would immediately dock up grab my Noctis and go salvage the wrecks.  

It took me about 6 hours over two days to clear out all the sites netting me about 1.7 billion ISK in blue loot. I then went to work on the combat relic/data sites – there were about six of those netting me another 725mil ISK in blue loot and salvage. All in all, I made enough just clearing out the WH to pay for the Athanor, Quantum Core, and enough fuel for two months. I also recovered enough ISK to cover the cost of my second rattlesnake and its fit. So, just in three days I was now ISK positive.  

After clearing out all the combat sites, I went to work on the Gas clouds of which there were five. Dual boxing Prospects, I was able to clear out the Gas sites in about 4 hours over three days. Netting me another 400mil ISK. I also took this time to run the non-combat relic/data sites of which there were about six.  Here is my prospect fit:

C3 and Lowsec Prospect

After about five days of solid work, I had finally cleared out the wormhole so that all I had active was my Lowsec static signature and two Asteroid belts. I started mining some ore so that I could build some faction navy cruises and battleships using the blueprints I purchased through the faction warfare LP stores.  

I’ve calculated that sleeper sites spawn at a rate of two a day over time. I always want to run them so that I never have more than one in the Probe Scanner at a time. I want players that are rolling holes looking for content to see the unspoken message of “Move along, there’s nothing to see here.”  

Here are the total numbers of ISK made over my first month: 3.8 billion blue loot, 1.2 billion relic/data/salvage, 900 million Gas/Ore. Total of about: 5.9 billion. Granted that total reflects the fact that there were a lot of sites already accumulated when I first moved in. I figure that the C3 will provide about 3.9 bil sustainable per month with sites spawns, relic/data sites, and Gas/Ore.

I can live with that! 

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Winston Archer

Hi I'm Winston Archer, and I am the host of this blog. I'm also the founder and CEO of Vanguard Privateers - an Eve Online player owed small gang PVP corporation. The purpose of this blog is to discuss all aspects of small gang PVP in Eve with like minded players. Enjoy.

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