At home in my wormhole

I’ve been living in my C3 for about a week now. I’m really enjoying it – much more than I thought I would. First and foremost, all of the anomalies, data and relic sites, and gas sites have proven to be soloable – which is a pleasant surprise.

When I first secured the C3 there was about 20 anomalies and 19 cosmic signatures. I knew that I needed to get them ran as soon as possible or this wormhole would make a very enticing target for potential poachers.

After considerable effort, I’ve now got both anomalies and signatures down to a manageable level: seven and four respectively. Additionally, I’ve learned a lot about dual boxing multiple accounts while maintaining situational awareness of my surroundings. It keeps me on my toes.

My next step is to start mining the minerals I need to make my own ammo – I’m firing a lot of missiles. Additionally, I want to start learning more about manufacturing. I’m collecting a lot of loot from the relic and data sites.

I have a lot of work and learning ahead of me before I will feel comfortable to start recruiting and managing a wormhole corporation. But hey that’s why I play Eve.

Published by:

Winston Archer

Hi I'm Winston Archer, and I am the host of this blog. I'm also the founder and CEO of Vanguard Privateers - an Eve Online player owed small gang PVP corporation. The purpose of this blog is to discuss all aspects of small gang PVP in Eve with like minded players. Enjoy.

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